The American Wood Protection Association and the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) have passed changes to their standards requiring pressure treated wood used in many physically above-ground applications be treated to ground contact requirements.

The new standards require the user (builder, consumer, or inspector) to select Ground Contact Treatment for physically above-ground material when:

  • soil or other debris may build up and stay in contact with the wood
  • there is insufficient ventilation to allow air circulation around the wood
  • material is installed <6 inches above the ground on permeable building materials
  • material is installed in contact with non-durable untreated or older construction with any evidence of decay
  • wood is subject to frequent or recurring wetting
  • used in tropical climates
  • the wood is both: difficult to maintain, repair or replace and critical to the performance and safety of the entire system  ie. Posts, beams, stringers, joists etc.

In response to these changes Congleton Lumber Company has taken the initiative to begin switching our relevant products to ground contact and to educate our customers on how to select and properly use the right materials.

Please contact us at 859-254 -2371 with any concerns or questions.