Natural Exterior Products

Congleton Lumber & Design Center has always been a leading supplier of natural exterior lumber. Our sales staff is very experienced in the use of these products and their applications. We can answer specific questions on installation and maintenance and match your needs with the right products. Western Red Cedar, Douglas fir, Mahogany and Redwood all have properties that are advantageous in various applications— let us show you the possibilities.

They are perfect for achieving any look, from natural and rustic to clean and contemporary. With a uniform, fine-grained texture and natural satin luster, they:

  • Boast rich tones, from mellow ambers to reddish cinnamons and sienna browns
  • Work equally well indoors and outside
  • Blend beautifully with natural surroundings.

Western Red Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir are exceptionally durable because of naturally occurring extractives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi. The heartwood can be used outside without preservative treatments. This makes them an ideal base for all types of paints and stains, as well as glue bonds from a wide range of adhesives.

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Douglas Fir
1Z104061X4-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104071X4-7 C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104081X4-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104091X4-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104101X4-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104111X4-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104121X4-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104131X4-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104141X4-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104151X4-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104161X4-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104171X4-17' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104181X4-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104191X4-19' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z104201X4-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106061X6-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106071X6-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106081X6-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106091X6-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106101X6-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106111X6-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106121X6-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106131X6-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106141X6-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106151X6-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106161X6-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106171X6-17' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106181X6-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106191X6-19' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z106201X6-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108061X8-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108071X8-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108081X8-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108091X8-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108101X8-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108111X8-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108121X8-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108131X8-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108141X8-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108151X8-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108161X8-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108171X8-17' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108181X8-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108191X8-19' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z108201X8-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204062X4-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204072X4-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204082X4-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204092X4-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204102X4-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204112X4-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204122X4-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204132X4-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204142X4-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204152X4-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204162X4-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204172X4-17' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204182X4-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204192X4-19' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z204202X4-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206042x6-4' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206052x6-5' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206062x6-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206072x6-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206082x6-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206092x6-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206102x6-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206112x6-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206122x6-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206132x6-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206142x6-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206152x6-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206162x6-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206172x6-17' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206182x6-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z206202x6-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208062x8-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208072x8-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208082x8-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208092x8-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208102x8-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208112x8-11' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208122x8-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208132X8-13' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208142x8-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208152x8-15' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208162x8-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208182x8-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z208202x8-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210062x10-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210072x10-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210082x10-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210102x10-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210122x10-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210142x10-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210162x10-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210182x10-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z210202x10-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212042x12-4' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212062x12-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212072x12-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212082x12-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212092x12-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212102x12-10' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212122x12-12' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212142x12-14' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212162x12-16' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212182x12-18' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z212202x12-20' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504035/8x4-3' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504045/8x4-4' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504055/8x4-5' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504065/8x4-6' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504075/8x4-7' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504085/8x4-8' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504095/8x4-9' C& Btr Douglas Fir
1Z504105/8x4-10' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504115/8x4-11' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504125/8x4-12' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504135/8x4-13' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504145/8x4-14' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504155/8x4-15' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504165/8x4-16' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504175/8x4-17' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504185/8x4-18' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504195/8x4-19' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z504205/8x4-20' C&Btr KD Beaded Douglas Fir Ceiling
1Z6104031x4-3' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104041x4-4' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104051x4-5' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104061x4-6' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104071x4-7' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104081x4-8' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104091x4-9' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104101x4-10' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104111x4-11' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104121x4-12' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104131x4-13' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104141x4-14' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104151x4-15' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104161x4-16' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104171x4-17' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104181x4-18' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104191x4-19' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1Z6104201x4-20' C&Btr Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring
1M406081X6X8 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406091X6X9 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406101X6X10 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406111X6X11 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406121X6X12 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406131X6X13 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406141X6X14 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406151X6X15 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406161X6X16 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406171X6X17Clear Ipe Decking
1M406181X6X18 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406191X6X19 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406201X6X20 Clear Ipe Decking
1M406221X6X22 Clear Ipe Decking
1M408081 X 8 X 8 Clear Ipe
1M408101 X 8 X 10 Clear Ipe
1M408121 X 8 X 12 Clear Ipe
1M408141 X 8 X 14 Clear Ipe
1M408161 X 8 X 16 Clear Ipe
1M408181 X 8 X 18 Clear Ipe
1M408201 X 8 X 20 Clear Ipe
1M410081 X 10 X 8 Clear Ipe
1M410091 X 10 X 9 Clear Ipe
1M410101 X 10 X 10 Clear Ipe
1M410121 X 10 X 12 Clear Ipe
1M410141 X 10 X 14 Clear Ipe
1M410161 X 10 X 16 Clear Ipe
1M410181 X 10 X 18 Clear Ipe
1M410201 X 10 X 20 Clear Ipe
1M412081 X 12 X 8' Ipe
1M412121 X 12 X 12 Ipe
1M412161 X 12 X 16 Ipe
1M412181 X 12 X 18' Ipe
1M412201 X 12 X 20 Ipe
1M4204062 X 4 X 6 Ipe
1M4204082 X 4 X 8 Ipe
1M4204102 X 4 X 10 Ipe
1M4204122 X 4 X 12 Ipe
1M4204142 X 4 X 14 Ipe
1M4204162 X 4 X 16 Ipe
1M4204182 X 4 X 18 Ipe
1M4204202 X 4 X 20 Ipe
1M4206052 X 6 X 8 Ipe
1M4206102 X 6 X 10 Ipe
1M4206122 X 6 X 12 Ipe
1M4206142 X 6 X 14 Ipe
1M4206162 X 6 X 16 Ipe
1M4206202 x 6 x 20 Ipe
1M503MGH4/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M504MHG5/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M604MHG6/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M804MHG8/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M814MGH10/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M824MHG12/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1M828MHG16/4 Rough R/L R/W KD Mahogany
1R104061x4-6' Redwood
1R104071x4-7' Redwood
1R104081x4-8' Redwood
1R104091x4-9' Redwood
1R104101x4-10' Redwood
1R104121x4-12' Redwood
1R104141x4-14' Redwood
1R104161x4-16' Redwood
1R104181x4-18' Redwood
1R104201x4-20' Redwood
1R106061x6-6' Redwood
1R106071x6-7' Redwood
1R106081x6-8' Redwood
1R106091x6-9' Redwood
1R106101x6-10' Redwood
1R106121x6-12' Redwood
1R106141x6-14' Redwood
1R106161x6-16' Redwood
1R106181x6-18' Redwood
1R106201x6-20' Redwood
1R108061x8-6' Redwood
1R108071x8-7' Redwood
1R108081x8-8' Redwood
1R108091x8-9' Redwood
1R108101x8-10' Redwood
1R108121x8-12' Redwood
1R108141x8-14' Redwood
1R108161x8-16' Redwood
1R108181x8-18' Redwood
1R108201x8-20' Redwood
1R110061X10-6' Redwood
1R110071x10-7' Redwood
1R110081x10-8' Redwood
1R110091x10-9' Redwood
1R110101x10-10' Redwood
1R110121x10-12' Redwood
1R110141x10-14' Redwood
1R110161x10-16' Redwood
1R110181x10-18' Redwood
1R110201x10-20' Redwood
1R112061x12-6' Redwood
1R112071x12-7' Redwood
1R112081x12-8' Redwood
1R112091x12-9' Redwood
1R112101x12-10' Redwood
1R112121x12-12' Redwood
1R112141x12-14' Redwood
1R112161x12-16' Redwood
1R112181x12-18' Redwood
1R112201x12-20' Redwood
1R204042x4-4' Redwood
1R204062x4-6' Redwood
1R204072X4-7' Redwood
1R204082x4-8' Redwood
1R204092x4-9' Redwood
1R204102x4-10' Redwood
1R204122x4-12' Redwood
1R204142x4-14' Redwood
1R204162x4-16' Redwood
1R204182x4-18' Redwood
1R204202x4-20' Redwood
1R206062x6-6' Redwood
1R206072x6-7' Redwood
1R206082x6-8' Redwood
1R206092x6-9' Redwood
1R206102x6-10' Redwood
1R206122x6-12' Redwood
1R206142x6-14' Redwood
1R206162x6-16' Redwood
1R206182x6-18' Redwood
1R206202x6-20' Redwood
1R208062x8-6' Redwood
1R208082x8-8' Redwood
1R208092 X 8 - 9 Redwood
1R208102x8-10' Redwood
1R208122x8-12' Redwood
1R208142x8-14' Redwood
1R208162x8-16' Redwood
1R208182x8-18' Redwood
1R208202x8-20' Redwood
1R210062x10-6' Redwood
1R210082x10-8' Redwood
1R210102x10-10' Redwood
1R210122x10-12' Redwood
1R210142x10-14' Redwood
1R210162x10-16' Redwood
1R210182x10-18' Redwood
1R210202x10-20' Redwood
1R212062x12-6' Redwood
1R212072x12-7' Redwood
1R212082x12-8' Redwood
1R212092x12-9' Redwood
1R212102x12-10' Redwood
1R212122x12-12' Redwood
1R212142x12-14' Redwood
1R212162x12-16' Redwood
1R212182x12-18' Redwood
1R212202x12-20' Redwood
1R404064x4-6' Redwood
1R404084x4-8' Redwood
1R404104x4-10' Redwood
1R404124x4-12' Redwood
1R404144x4-14' Redwood
1R404164x4-16' Redwood
1R404184x4-18' Redwood
1R404204x4-20' Redwood
1R504065/4x4-6' Redwood
1R504075/4x4-7' Redwood
1R504085/4x4-8' Redwood
1R504095/4x4-9' Redwood
1R504105/4x4-10' Redwood
1R504125/4x4-12' Redwood
1R504145/4x4-14' Redwood
1R504165/4x4-16' Redwood
1R504185/4x4-18' Redwood
1R504205/4x4-20' Redwood
1R506065/4x6-6' Redwood
1R506075/4X6-7' Redwood
1R506085/4x6-8' Redwood
1R506095/4x6-9' Redwood
1R506105/4x6-10' Redwood
1R506125/4x6-12' Redwood
1R506145/4x6-14' Redwood
1R506175/4 x 6-16 Redwood
1R506185/4x6-18' Redwood
1R506205/4x6-20' Redwood
1R508065/4x8-6' Redwood
1R508075/4x8-7' Redwood
1R508085/4x8-8' Redwood
1R508095/4x8-9' Redwood
1R508105/4x8-10' Redwood
1R508125/4x8-12' Redwood
1R508145/4x8-14' Redwood
1R508165/4x8-16' Redwood
1R508185/4x8-18' Redwood
1R508205/4x8-20' Redwood
1R510065/4x10-6' Redwood
1R510075/4x10-7' Redwood
1R510085/4x10-8' Redwood
1R510105/4x10-10' Redwood
1R510125/4x10-12' Redwood
1R510145/4x10-14' Redwood
1R510165/4x10-16' Redwood
1R510185/4x10-18' Redwood
1R510205/4x10-20' Redwood
1R512065/4x12-6' Redwood
1R512075/4x12-7' Redwood
1R512085/4x12-8' Redwood
1R512095/4x12-9' Redwood
1R512105/4x12-10' Redwood
1R512125/4x12-12' Redwood
1R512145/4x12-14' Redwood
1R512165/4x12-16' Redwood
1R512185/4x12-18' Redwood
1R512205/4x12-20' Redwood
Treated Yellow Pine
1C-LATPAN4x8 Heavy Duty Treated Lattice
1C-TRBALU 2x2x48" Treated Baluster
1C-TRBALX 2x2x42" Treated Baluster
1C108121X8-12' #2 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C204082x4-8' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C204102x4-10' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C204122x4-12' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C204142x4-14' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C204162x4-16' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C206082x6-8' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C206102x6-10' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C206122x6-12' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C206142x6-14' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C206162x6-16' #1 MCA/GC TYP YellaWood?
1C208082x8-8' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C208102x8-10' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C208122x8-12' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C208142x8-14' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C208162x8-16' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C210102x10-10' #1 MCA/GC TYP YellaWood?
1C210122x10-12' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C210142x10-14' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C210162x10-16' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C212082x12-8' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C212102X12-10' #1 MCA/GC TYP YellaWood?
1C212122x12-12' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C212162x12-16' #1 MCA TYP YellaWood?
1C404084x4-8' #2 MCA/GC TYP YellaWood?
1C404124x4-12' #2 MCA/GC TYP YellaWood?
1C506085/4x6-8' Premium YellaWood? Decking
1C506125/4x6-12' Premium YellaWood? Decking
1C506165/4x6-16' Premium YellaWood? Decking
1C606086x6-8' #2 YellaWood? Decking
1C606126x6-12' #2 YellaWood? Decking
1C606166x6-16' #2 YellaWood? Decking
Western Red Cedar
1S00024X8 Cedar 1/2" Sq. Lattice
1S02005/2-#1 Western Red Shingles s
1S02055/2-#2 Western Red Shingles
1S02105/2-#3 Western Red Shingles
1S021524" #1 Medium Roofing Shakes
1S03011X6-8' Edge T&G Western Cedar
1S03051X6-12' Edge T&G Western Cedar
1S03081x6-16' Edge T&G Western Cedar
1S030911/16X8-8' Channel Rustic Cedar
1S031011/16X8-10' Channel Rustic Cedar
1S031211/16X8-12' Channel Rustic Cedar
1S031611/16X8-16' Channel Rustic Cedar
1S031811/16X8-18' Channel Rustic Cedar
1S06051/2X6-16' Clear Primed Cedar Bevel Siding
1S08051/2X8X16Clear Primed Cedar Bevel Siding
1S104081x4-8' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S104101x4-10' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S104121x4-12' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S104141x4-14' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S104161x4-16' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S106081x6-8' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S106101x6-10' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S106121x6-12' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S106141x6-14' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S106161x6-16' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S108081x8-8' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S108101x8-10' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S108121x8-12' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S108141x8-14' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S108161x8-16' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S110081x10-8' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S110101x10-10'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S110121x10-12'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S110141x10-14'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S110161x10-16'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S112081x12-8' Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S112101x12-10'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S112121x12-12'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S112141x12-14'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S112161x12-16'Rough Sawn S1S2E Cedar
1S204082x4-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S204102x4-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S204122x4-12'Rough Sawn Cedar
1S204142x4-14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S204162x4-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S206082x6-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S206102x6-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S206122x6-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S206142x6-14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S206162x6-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208082x8-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208102x8-10'Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208122x8-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208142x8-14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208162x8-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S208202 x8 -20' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S210082x10-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S210102x10-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S210122x10-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S210142x10-14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S210162x10-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S212082x12-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S212102x12-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S212122x12-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S212142x12-14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S212162x12-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S404084X4-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S404104X4-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S404124X4-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S404164X4-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S406164x6-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S408104x8-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S408164x8-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S4606086X6-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S4606106X6-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S4606126X6-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S4606166X6-16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S506085/4X6-8' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S506105/4X6-10' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S506125/4X6-12' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S506145/4X6X14' Rough Sawn Cedar
1S506165/4X6X16' Rough Sawn Cedar
1SA106041x6-4' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106051x6-5' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106061x6-6' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106071x6-7' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106081x6-8' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106091x6-9' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106101x6-10' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106111x6-11' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106121x6-12' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106131x6-13' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106141x6-14' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106151x6-15' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106161x6-16' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106171x6-17' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106181x6-18' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA106201x6-20' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108031x8-3' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108041x8-4' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108051x8-5' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108061x8-6' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108071x8-7' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108081x8-8' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108091x8-9' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108101x8-10' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108111x8-11' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108121x8-12' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108131x8-13' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108141x8-14' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108151x8-15' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108161x8-16' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108171x8-17' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108181x8-18' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108191x8-19' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA108201x8-20' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204062x4-6' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204072x4-7' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204082x4-8' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204092x4-9' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204102x4-10' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204112x4-11' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204122x4-12' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204132x4-13' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204142x4-14' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204152x4-15' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204162x4-16' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204172x4-17' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204182x4-18' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204192x4-19' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA204202x4-20' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206032x6-3' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206052x6-5' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206062x6-6' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206072x6-7' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206082x6-8' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206092x6-9' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206102x6-10' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206112x6-11' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206122x6-12' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206132x6-13' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206142x6-14' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206152x6-15' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206162x6-16' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206172x6-17' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206182x6-18' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206192x6-19' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA206202x6-20' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208032x8-3' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208042x8-4' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208052x8-5' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208062x8-6' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208072x8-7' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208082x8-8' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208092x8-9' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208102x8-10' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208112x8-11' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208122x8-12' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208132x8-13' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208142x8-14' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208152x8-15' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208162x8-16' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208172x8-17' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208182x8-18' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208192x8-19' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SA208202x8-20' C&Btr Western Red Cedar
1SF10606D1X6-6' Dog Ear Cedar Fencing
1SF10606F1X6-6' Flat Top Cedar Fencing
1ST202122x2-12' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST204082x4-8' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST204122x4-12' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST204142x4x14 Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST204162x4-16' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST206122x6-12' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST206162x6-16' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST208122x8-12' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST208162x8-16' Architectural Knotty S4S Clear
1ST210162x10-16' #2 S4S Cedar
1ST212162x12-16' #2 S4S Cedar
1ST212182x12-18 #2 S4S Cedar
1ST404084X4-8' #2 S4S Cedar
1ST506125/4x6-12' KD Cedar Decking
1ST506165/4x6-16' KD Cedar Decking
1ST606166X6-16' #2 S4S Cedar
1SW104061x4-6' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104081x4-8' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104101x4-10' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104121x4-12' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104141x4-14' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104161x4-16' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104181x4-18' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW104201x4-20' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106061x6-6' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106081x6-8' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106101x6-10' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106121x6-12' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106141x6-14' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106161x6-16' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106181x6-18' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW106201x6-20' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108061x8-6' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108081x8-8' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108101x8-10' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108121x8-12' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108141x8-14' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108161x8-16' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108181x8-18' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW108201x8-20' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110061x10-6' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110081x10-8' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110101x10-10' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110121x10-12' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110141x10-14' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110161x10-16' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110181x10-18' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW110201x10-20' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112061x12-6' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112081x12-8' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112101x12-10' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112121x12-12' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112141x12-14' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112161x12-16' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112181x12-18' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW112201x12-20' Clear Vertical Grain Primed Cedar
1SW504065/4x4-6' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504085/4x4-8' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504105/4x4-10' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504125/4x4-12' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504145/4x4-14' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504165/4x4-16' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504185/4x4-18' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW504205/4x4-20' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506065/4x6-6' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506085/4x6-8' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506105/4x6-10' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506125/4x6-12' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506145/4x6-14' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506165/4x6-16' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506185/4x6-18' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW506205/4x6-20' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508065/4x8-6' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508085/4x8-8' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508105/4x8-10' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508125/4x8-12' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508145/4x8-14' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508165/4x8-16' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508185/4x8-18' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW508205/4x8-20' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510065/4x10-6' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510085/4x10-8' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510105/4x10-10' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510125/4x10-12' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510145/4x10-14' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510165/4x10-16' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510185/4x10-18' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW510205/4x10-20' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512065/4x12-6' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512085/4x12-8' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512105/4x12-10' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512125/4x12-12' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512145/4x12-14' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512165/4x12-16' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512185/4x12-18' Clear Primed Cedar
1SW512205/4x12-20' Clear Primed Cedar