Congleton Custom Mill Work

Our mill has supplied custom products to Central Kentucky for over 100 years. We have the ability to match most existing profiles as well as produce custom mill work based on your designs.  Our craftsmen take great pride in their work and strive to exceed customers’ expectations.  We stock a large variety of milled profiles, from tongue and groove flooring and ceiling to interior and exterior paneling and beveled siding.  We carry exterior mouldings that are produced on sight: crown moulding, drip cap, brick mould and coves all made from durable weather resistant Redwood or Douglas fir.

Our craftsmen have a combined 55 years of experience in the custom woodworking trade and have contributed to many of the restorations in Central Kentucky.  They have the ability to match your existing woodwork and the vision to make your original design a reality.

While Congleton Lumber & Design Center stocks more than 450 moulding profiles, we do recognize that there are times when customers are looking to match a profile in a historic renovation or are simply looking for something that is truly unique. We are more than happy to review your drawing or an actual sample of your profile to see what the best options are for you. We can also have all of our profiles run in flexible moulding, as well as custom radius, elliptical work, and PVC products. We can also custom run your interior or exterior hardwood species of choice, oak, cherry, maple and sapele mahogany being the most popular species of choice.

We have the ability to run custom moulding profiles that you designed, or match existing profiles found in your remodeling or renovation project. Please send us a sketch with approximate dimensions and we can have our mill custom run it for you, or we can try to find a close match to some of the thousands of mouldings that have been run in the past.

Besides mouldings, we are often called upon to make custom wooden doors, shutters, etc.

We strive to provide quotes very quickly, as we are aware that time is often critical to the completion of your projects.

For those who have Boral materials, we can custom mill your order using our custom carbide knives. Please contact us for more information.

From custom gates and doors to specialty beam and truss systems, our mill can take on a variety of projects in detail and scope.  We have a large collection of moulding profiles that have been used in this community for over 100 years.