Lumber Hardware

Congleton Lumber & Design Center stocks the top name brands in the industry; Simpson Strong Tie®, Paslode ®, Prime Guard®, Tyvek® and Fortifiber® to name a few. We also carry specialty brands like; Ipe Clip®, Camo Screws®, Big Timber Fasteners, Cor-A-Vent® and Timber Wolf®.

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4A25004 oz. Nexabond 2500 Wood Adhesive
4A29PG4128 oz. Provantage 2500 Subfloor Adhesive
4AGL1616 oz. Titebond 2 Adhesive
1T010051.6 oz. Bond & Fill Adhesive
1T010071.6 oz. Adhesive Nozzles
1T010081.6 oz. Caulking Gun Adapter
1T010098.1 oz. Adhesive Applicator Gun
1T010108.1 oz. Bond & Fill Adhesive
1T01011Bond & Fill Disposable Nozzle
1T010081.6 oz. Caulking Gun Adapter
8T30110 oz. Clear Silicone Caulk
8T30210 oz. White Acrylic Caulk
Plywood Clips
4H0455/8" Plywood Clips
4H0507/16" Plywood Clips
4H081Z-Max 2X6 Joist Hanger
4H082Z-Max 2X8 Joist Hanger
4H083Z-Max 2X10 Joist Hanger
4H08520" Valley Tin
4H086Valley Tin 24"
4H087Z-Max 2x6 Double Joist Hanger
4H088Z-Max 2x8 Double Joist Hanger
4H089Z-Max 2x10 Double Joist Hanger
4H091Z-Max 2x10 Triple Joist Hanger
4H093Simpson MIT3514 BCI Hanger
4H100Simpson MIT211.88 BCI Hanger
4H103Simpson MIT11.88 BCI Hanger
4H105Simpson MIT411.88 BCI Hanger
4H110MIT3511.88 Hanger BCI Hanger
4H111Single LVL Hanger 1 3/4" HU-11
4H112ATriple LVL Hanger HHUS5.5O/10
4H112A1Double HHUS410 LVL Hanger
4H113LS90Z-Max Simpson Skewable Joist
4H113ALS 50Z Skewable Hanger Z-Max
4H113A1LS 70Z Skewable Hanger Z-Max
4H115Hurricane Ties H2.5AZ
4H116Simpson SUL210Z Skewed Hanger
4H117Simpson SUR210Z Skewed Hanger
4H118HUSL210 Z-Max 45ø Left Joist
4H119HUSR210 Z-Max 45ø Right Joist
House Wrap/Flashing
4ISEALER5.5"-50' Sill Sealer
4ISSEALER3.5"-50' Sill Sealer
4IT2929 oz. Liquid Flash Zip System
4ITA400Zip System Tape (1 Roll Per & Panels)
4ITAL401Tape Gun Kit For Zip System
4ITFL754"-75' Tyvek Straight Flash
4ITYTAPE2"-165' Tyvek Tape
4ITYVEK9"-100' Tyvek
4ITYVEK110"x100' Tyvek
4ITYWRAP19"-75' Tyvek Flexwrap
4J0851-7/8"-55' Fortifiber Lap Tape
4J09040"-162' Fortifiber Super Jumbo Tex
4J100Fortifiber Moistop Sealant
4J105Fortifiber Moistop corner Shield
4J1106"-75' Fortifiber Fortiflash
4J1159"x75' Fortifiber Fortiflash
4J12012"-75' Fortifiber Fortiflash
4J1259'-150' Fortifiber Housewrap
4N0093D HD Box Galvanized Nails
4N0104D HD Box Galvanized Nails
4N0136D Box Galvanized Nails
4N0158D Box Galvanized Nails
4N01710D Box Galvanized Nails
4N02016D Box Galvanized Nails
4N0224D Bright Common Nails
4N0246D Bright Common Nails
4N0258D Bright Common Nails
4N03016D Bright Common Nails
4N03120D Bright Common Nails
4N0408D CC Sinker Nails
4N04110D CC Sinker Nails
4N04516D CC Sinker Nails
4N04820D CC Sinker Nails
4N06716D HG Spiral Deck Nail
4N0703D Bright Finish Nails
4N0754D Bright Finish Nails
4N0806D Bright Finish Nails
4N0858D Bright Finish Nails
4N09010D Bright Finish Nails
4N1056D Galvanized Finish Nails
4N1108D Galvanized Finish Nails
4N12016D Galvanized Finish Nails
4N1236D HD Galvanized SM Head Siding
4N1256D Hardboard Spiral Siding
4N1308D Hardboard Spiral Siding
4N1426D Stainless Ring Shank Siding
4N1438D Stainless Ring Shanked Siding
4N1526D Splitless Siding Ring Shank
4N1548D Splitless Siding Ring Shank 5 # Box
4N154D10D S229A Splitless Siding
4N1606D 2" Fluted Masonry Nails
4N1612-1/2" Fluted Masonry Nail 5 #Box
4N1728D 2 1/2" HARD CT Masonry Nail
4N17310D 3" Fluted Masonry Nail #5Box
4N1761" Plastic Cap 3000 CT
4N1887/8" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N1901" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N1951 1/2" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N2001 1/4" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N2051 3/4" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N2082" HD Galvanized Roofing Nails
4N21012" Spike Nails
4N2131 1/2" Joist Hanger Nails
4N0538D Duplex Nails
4N05516D Duplex Nails
4N048A2" Paslode #16 Finish Nail
4N048B2-1/2" Paslode #16 Finish Nail
4N0493" Galvanized RING SHANK Paslode 2000 Count
4N049A3" Paslode Bright Smooth
4N0503 1/4" Paslode 16D Bright Smooth 2500 Count
4N050A2 3/8" Paslode 8D Bright RS 5000 Count
4N0512 3/8" Paslode 8D Galvanized RS 2000 Count
4N051APaslode Fuel Cell Orange Framing
4N051B2" Hitachi #15 Finish Galvanized 4000
4N051C2" Hitachi #15 Finish Bright
Poly Sheets
4P010PY18"-300' 6 mil Black Poly
4P015PY8'-100' 6 mil CLEAR POLY
4P020PY10'-100' 6 mil Clear Poly
4P025PY12'-100' 6 mil Clear Poly
4P030PY16'-100' 6 mil Clear Poly
4P035PY20'-100' 6 mil Clear Poly
4P040PY20'-100' Reinforced 6 mil Poly
Post Bases
4H015Simpson ABW-44 Post Base/Z-MAX
4H017Simpson ABW-66 Post Base/Z-MAX
4H1204x4 Aluminum Bases
4H1226x6 Aluminum Bases
4H1248x8 Aluminum Bases
4H12610x10 Aluminum Bases
4H12812x12 Aluminum Bases
Roofing Felt & Underlayments
4RF15400 Sqft 15# Felt
4RF30200 Sqft 30# Felt
4RF31Elk Quantum 30 Underlayment
4RF32DuPont Dura Roof Liner
4N0582" Prime Guard Star Drive Tan
4N0602 -1/2" GRK GREY Deck Screw Kameleon
4N0612 1/2" GRK Brown Deck Screw
4N0632-1/2 Prime Guard Star Drive Tan
4N064A3-1/2 Prime Guard Star Drive Tan
4N0653" Prime Guard Star Drive Tan
4N065A2" X 8 GRK SS Trim Head Screw 100 Count
4N0662 1/2 X 8 GRK SS Trim Head Screw 100 Count
4N066AGRK SS 3-1/8" X 8 Finish
4N066ABGRK RSS 3 1/8X5/16 Screw 100
4N066B5 1/8 X 5/16 GRK RSS Screw 50 Count 2 T-30 STA
4N066C5 1/8 X 3/8 GRK RSS Screw 50 Count
3XCSHIM32 pk Timberwolf? Composite Shims
3XSHIMM1/8" Metal Shim
3XSHIMMM1/4" Metal Shim
Soffit Vents
4H0202" White Continuous Soffit Vent 8'
4H0222" Mill Continuous Soffit Vent 8'
4H0233" White Continuous Soffit Vent 8'
4H0243" Mill Continuous Soffit Vent 8'
4H0704"x16" White ITE Soffit Vent
4H0758"x16" White ITE Soffit Vent
Tapcon Concrete Screw Anchors