Congleton Lumber & Design Center stocks both interior and exterior mouldings in a large variety of profiles, finishes and species. In addition to stocked items, our vendors make special ordering easy with low minimum quantities and short lead times. Our on-site mill has been servicing the Lexington area for over 100 years so we can match most architectural profiles or create your special designs. Our showroom highlights hundreds of profiles and offers catalogs and samples.

Congleton Lumber Catalog of wood moulding for residential and commercial construction lexington kentucky

Congleton Mouldings Catalog

Koetter Catalog of wood moulding for residential and commercial construction lexington kentucky

Koetter Mouldings Catalog

Moulding display in Congleton's showroom.

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3A0013Base #160 5 1/4" FJ PrimedBAE_13
3A0016Base #160 5 1/4" Solid
3A0019Base #33 Solid Ranch 3 1/4"BAE_19
3A0022Base #77 3 1/4" FJ/PR WM-623BAE_22
3A0025Base #77 3 1/4" Solid Colonial
3P0495-1/4" finger Jointed Poplar Base 22168-BBAK_44
3P0505-1/2" Finger Jointed Poplar Base #100BAC_50
3P0555-1/2" Solid Poplar Base #100
3P060POP BASE 7 1/4" FJ #100BAC_60
3P0637-1/4" Solid Poplar Base #100
3P0645-1/4"-16' Finger Jointed Poplar BaseBAC_64
3P0657-1/4"x16' Finger Jointed Poplar OG Base BAC_65
3P0677-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Poplar Base 22232-CB
Base Shoe
3B0020Oak Base Shoe OakBSK_20
3B0022Finger Jointed Primed Pine Base Show
3B0024Solid Pine Base Shoe
3B0028Poplar Base ShoeBSC_28
3P0204-1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Base 18136BBAK_35
3P0405-1/4 Poplar Base 18168-B
Back Band
3P0095/8x1-1/2" Redwood Back Band XTC_40
3P010Poplar Back Band 346BBBBK_62
3P0111x1-1/8" Poplar Back Band Style E
3P015Poplar 3652 Top Chair Rail with a 3/4" Rabbet CHK_15
3C0321-1/4 Solid Bed-MouldBMW_32
3C0331-1/4" Old Style Primed Cedar Bed-Mould BMC_33
3C0351-1/4"New Pattern Redwood Bed-Mould BMC_35
3C0361-13/16" Redwood Bed-Mould BMC_36
3C0387/8 x 1-1/2" Redwood Bed-Mould BMC_38
3C1001-1/8" - 16' Fypon Base Cap
Blind Stops & Stops
3D0341-3/4" Solid Pine Blind Stop
3D0361-3/4" Finger Jointed Primed Pine Blind Stop
3P1703/4x1-1/2" Solid Poplar Blind Stop STK_70
3U0107/16x1" Solid Pine Ranch Stop #33STE_10
3U0111-3/8" Solid Pine Stop #77STE_11
3U0177/8" Solid Pine OG Stop
3U0181-1/16" Solid Pine OG Stop STE_18
3U0201/2 X 3/4" Solid Pine Parting Stop STW_20
Brick Mould
3.00E+10Clear Douglas Fir Brick MouldXTC_10
3E012AFypon Brick Mould
3.00E+20Redwood Brick Mould
3G0082-5/8" Solid Poplar #160 Casing
3G0092-5/8" Finger Jointed Poplar casingCAC_9
3G0103-1/2"-16' Finger Jointed Primed #160 Casing CAE_10
3G0142-1/4" Solid Ranch Casing CAE_14
3G0162-1/4 -14-1/2' Finger Jointed Primed 366 CasingCAW_16
3G0182-1/4 -14-1/2' Solid Pine 366 Casing
3P100A3-1/2" Finger Jointed Primed Pattern 24112CA CasingCAK_54
3P0453-1/2" Finger Jointed Poplar Casing #100 CAC_45
3P0483-1/2" Solid Poplar Casing #100
3P0902-1/4 Finger Jointed Primed Pine Casing #356CAK_52
3P1003-1/2" finger Jointed Primed Poplar Casing 24112-CA
3P1013-1/2" Finger Jointed Primed Poplar Casing 24112-CCACAK _56
3P1023-1/2" Poplar Casing 2411-CCA
3P1103-1/2" Poplar casing 24112-CA
Chair Rail
3H010Finger Jointed Bottom Chair RailCHC_10&CHC_12
3H012Solid Poplar Top Chair RailCHC_10&CHC_12
3H01311/16x2-5/8" Finger Jointed Primes WM390 Chair Rail
3H014Finger Jointed 160 chair RailCHC_14
3P1203-1/4" Poplar Chair Mould 22104-CH CHK_12
Cove Mould
3K0073 -1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Cove Mould
3K01011/16" Oak Cove scotia Mould CMK_10
3K01211/16" Solid White ite Pine Cove Mould CME_12
3K0133/4" Redwood Cove Mould
3K01411/16" Redwood Cove Mould CMC_13
3K0151-1/2" Redwood Cove Mould CMC_15
3K0163/4x1" Redwood Cove Mould
3K0901/2x3/4" Poplar 1624 Scotia Cove Mould CMC_90
3K1003/4"-16' Fypon Scotia cove Mould
Crown Mould
3L0101-3/4" Solid Pine Crown MouldCRE_10
3L0122-3/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Old-Style Crown MouldCRE_12
3L0132-1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Cove Crown Mould
3L0143-1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Old-Style Crown MouldCRC_14
3L0153-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Crown w/Cove
3L0163-5/8" Solid Pine Crown MouldCRW_15
3L0184-1/4" Finger Jointed Pine Crown MouldCRE_22
3L0204-1/4" Solid Crown Mould
3L0214-1/2 Finger Jointed Poplar Old-Style Crown Mould
3L0225-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Crown Mould
3L022MS5-1/4" Solid Pine Crown Mould
3L0241-3/4" Redwood Crown MouldCRC_24
3L0262-3/4" Redwood Crown MouldCRC_26
3L0283-1/4" Redwood Crown MouldCRC_28
3L0304-1/2" Redwood Crown MouldCRC_30
3L0325-1/4" Redwood Crown MouldCRC_32
3L0335-1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Old-Style Crown Mould
3L1005-1/4"-16' Fypon Crown Mould
3L1013-5/8"-16' Fypon Crown Mould
3L1319/16X9/16 Redwood Bead Neck MouldBMC_31
3L1321/2 X 13/16 Redwood Neck MouldBMC_32
3L1331/2 X 13/16 Poplar Neck Mould
3P1414-1/2" Finger Jointed Poplar Crown Mould
3P1304-1/4" Finger Jointed Poplar Crown Mould 20136-BCR POP CROWN 4 1/4 PR/FJ 20136BCR
3P1404-1/4" Solid Poplar Crown Mould 20136-BCR
3P1505-1/4 Finger Jointed Primed Poplar 20168-BCR
3P1605-1/4" Solid Poplar Crown 20168-BCR POP CROWN 5 1/4" SOL 20168BCR
3P1625-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Poplar Crown 2618-CCR CRK_18
3P1655-1/4" Solid Poplar Crown 26168-C-CR
3P1664-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Crown 24136-A-CR
3P1675-1/4" Finger Jointed Primed Poplar Crown 24168-A-CR
3P1683" Finger Jointed Ceiling MouldCRC_40
Full Rounds/Quarter Rounds/ Small Miscellaneous
3N0121-1/4Poplar RoundITE_20
3N014Pine Hand RailITE_22
3I01011/16" Chamfer ITW_10
3I0203/4" chamfer ITW_20
3J0121-1/8" Corner Guard
3F0101-1/8" Plywood Cap Mould
3M0102-7/16" Redwood Shingle Mould XTW_30
3V005Fir Victorian Bead
3V006Poplar Victorian Bead
3N01611/16" Primed Pine Picture MouldITW_16
3O0107/16x9/16" Pine Glass Bead ITE_18
3P0701-1/2" Poplar Cap Mould 2148-CBBAK_90
3P0801-3/8 Poplar Cap Mould 2244-BBAK_91
3Q0103/4 Red Oak Quarter RoundQRK_10
3Q0113/4" Fir Quarter Round
3Q0123/4" Solid Poplar Quarter Round
3Q0143/4" Finger Jointed Primed Pine Quarter Round
3Q0163/4" Solid Pine Quarter Round
3Q01711/16" Redwood Quarter Round QRC_17
3Q0191" Redwood Quarter RoundQRC_19
3Q02011/16" PVC Fypon Quarter Round
3Q0251" Poplar Quarter Round QRC_25
3R0101-3/8" Pine Lattice MouldXTE_50
3S0103/4" Solid Pine Screen Mould XTE_60
3T0121-3/8"x8' Solid Pine T-AstraGalvanized
3Y0405/8x5/16" Solid Poplar Half Round
3Y0411/2" Solid Poplar Half Round
3X0086-9/16"-3' Poplar Double Rabbeted Jamb Head
3X0094-9/16"-3' Finger Jointed Poplar Double Rabbeted Jamb Head
3X0104-9/16"-3' Finger Jointed Poplar Flat Jamb Head
3X0114-9/16 Finger Jointed Interior Double Rabbeted Side
3X0134-9/16 Solid Poplar Interior Double Rabbeted Jamb Side
3X0146-9/16 Solid Poplar Interior Double Rabbeted Jamb Side
3X0166-9/16 Solid Poplar Cased Opening Frame Side
3X0176-9/16 Solid Poplar Fluted Cased Opening Frame Side
3X0184-9/16" Finger Jointed Cased Opening Frame Sides
3X0204-9/16" Solid Poplar Cased Opening Frame Side
3X0224-9/16 Poplar Fluted Cased Opening Frame Side
3X0234-9/16 Solid Poplar Cased Opening Frame Side
3X0326 -9/16 -8' Poplar Flat Jamb
Sills & Stools
3V010 2-1/4" Solid Poplar Stool WTK_10
3V0143-1/4" Solid Polar Stool 40104WTK_14
3V0154-1/4" Poplar Stool 24136
3V0201-3/8x7" Random Length Redwood SillWTC_20
3V0281-3/8x7" Azek Sill
3V0381-1/4x2" Azek Nosing
Water Table
3W010Redwood Water TableXTC_50
3W01211/16 x 1-5/8 Fypon Water TableXTP_50