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Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra Pacific Windows is a third-generation family-owned company with 70 years of experience. Starting as a sawmill in Oregon, Sierra Pacific Industries has grown into the top 4 lumber producers in the United States.

Sierra Pacific owns 1.9 million acres of timberland and has made a special investment in their quality, which is offered to their customers. Operating with a vertically integrated supply chain – from seed cultivation to window delivery – is an extra commitment to exceed expectations, leaving nothing to chance. Congleton Lumber & Design Center is proud to partner with a company that’s dedicated not only to phenomenal windows, but one whose passion for their products is firmly rooted in how they do business.

We’re taking a look into Sierra Pacific Windows’ sustainability-based window offerings and highlighting what makes this company a leading manufacturer of new and replacement windows in 30 countries around the world.

What makes them different?

Vertical Integration and a commitment to sustainability

Sierra Pacific’s number one sellers are their high-quality wood products. They are unique in that they’ve dedicated themselves to carefully designing and executing a process that ensures the highest quality at every step in developing their premium windows. Here’s how they do it:

Each year they plant up to six million new trees across their ownership in California and Washington. Their wood is processed in 14 sawmills in the Pacific Northwest. Bark and fiber created from processing are used as boiler fuel and their eight cogeneration facilities produce more than enough power to operate their mills. Lumber produced at their sawmill are then converted into pieces for window and door components. Those milled pieces are assembled into world-class windows and

doors in one of their three manufacturing facilities. Sierra Pacific carefully controls the transportation of their products to ensure they arrive at their dealers, distributors and company stores across the nation.

Sierra Pacific manufactures not only wood windows, but also aluminum-clad wood, vinyl, and their own take on composite-clad windows.




Some of Sierra Pacific’s most popular wood options are Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and Alder.

The all-wood windows in Sierra Pacific’s collection are crafted with select grade wood interiors and exteriors. To protect the integrity of the wood, it’s treated and protected against moisture, rot, and insects with their patented, naturally organic CoreGuard Plus™. This formula penetrates wood to its core to repel water and prevent swelling. Tested in the Hawaiian rainforest, which mimics decades of residential exposure, Sierra Pacific Windows has developed a solution for elemental damage to wood windows. Their finishing can be color-customized to best fit your home.


Aluminum-Clad Wood

Warm, natural wood on the inside is protected against insects and moisture with CoreGuard Plus™. The wood interior is then protected with heavy-duty, extruded aluminum. Sierra Pacific’s aluminum is twice as thick as roll-form cladding and powder coated for industry-leading surface hardness, scratch resistance, and color retention.

Clad exteriors come in 75 powder-coated and anodized finish options, with custom color matching also available.



Nearly maintenance free construction and an attractive price point make vinyl a popular choice for homeowners. Sierra Pacific’s windows are made with heavy duty multi-chamber construction and plenty of premium options like painted exteriors, high-performance glazing, decorative glazing, grilles, and accessories like wide flat casing and brickmould.



H3® Fusion Technology™

A special composite-cladding, H3® Fusion Technology™ combines extruded aluminum, vinyl, and solid wood. Its patent-pending design and construction give it an industry-leading seal against the elements. The vinyl base frame offers superior rigidity, protection against rot, and greater resistance to air or water leaks, providing some of the best energy performance values of any modern window. Solid wood interiors are, of course, treated with organic CoreGuard Plus™ preservative and backed by warranties against wood rot.

On the outside, H3 exteriors are fully encased in heavy-duty, extruded aluminum cladding to resist scratches and provide color retention. The H3 is available in nearly limitless design options.



Sierra Pacific produces nine standard window designs, each with their own special-feature substyles to meet any design or functional need. In this final section, we’ll just highlight a few styles that are available in Sierra Pacific’s wood windows.

Wood windows are available in nine wood species and various trim, glazing and finish options available, each is hand customized. Lasting durability is ensured by CoreGuard Plus™.

Some of the window styles Sierra Pacific makes include:

Style: Awning with diamond grids


Style: Casement window with equal spacing grids


Style: Single/Double hung window with fractional grids


Sierra Pacific’s windows are a reliable, eco-friendly, and beautiful option for your new or replacement windows project. If you’d like to learn more about the selections available at Congleton Lumber & Design Center, reach out to our team at 859-254-2371.