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Why Pergolas are great additions to your home!

Installing a pergola is a great way to bring your outdoor space into use. Pergolas comes with a lot of homework in terms of style, material, size, etc. which we will discuss.

Building a pergola is a great way to extend your outdoor space. Congleton Lumber, Lexington, Kentucky

But first; here are some reasons why you should consider a pergola!

Building a pergola in your yard enables you to enjoy all four seasons. Whether it is snowing, raining, or the sun is shining bright, you can enjoy your time outdoors without having yourself exposed to extreme weather conditions. Let’s be honest! We would enjoy our yard more if we didn’t feel like our neighbors were watching. Building a pergola provides you with an outdoor space that offers excellent privacy. Pergolas are extremely versatile structures. You can use them as an extension of your living room, a spot for conducting parties or doing BBQ. Building a pergola is an investment that you will get to enjoy in numerous ways for a very long time.

There are many styles and sizes when it comes to pergolas. Dream it and make it come true! Whether you want your pergola attached to your house, stand alone in your yard, or used to shade a walkway from your garage to the house, choosing the right material is the key to success!

Cedar – The western red cedar pergolas are naturally tough against the rot and bugs that damage normal lumber. In addition, this gorgeous lumber also has a distinct cedar smell that many homeowners love. While these pergolas can’t be painted, they can — and need – to be stained to keep that signature red hue.

Pressure treated wood – For any material that will be in contact with the ground. Its chemical preservatives help prevent rot and mold growth. Pressure treated wood is able to be stained or painted.

We do not recommend using fir for a wood pergola – this timber won’t survive Kentucky rain. We also stay away from vinyl or plastics because they tend to look grimy as time passes.

If you’d like to learn more about pergolas please visit Congleton Lumber & Design Center, reach out to our team at 859-254-2371.