Extruded Aluminum Windows vs. Roll Form

Often, we are asked why our windows are more expensive and if they are worth the extra money. The answer is clearly YES. Sierra Pacific Windows and Sun Windows are more expensive because they are designed and built better. There are many examples of this, but we think the picture below shows a clear difference. Sierra Pacific extruded aluminum on the left, roll-form aluminum on the right.

Consider the overall structure of the window – sometimes it is what you don’t see that really matters. Sierra Pacific and Sun extruded aluminum is substantially stronger than roll-form (coil) aluminum. Sierra Pacific and Sun cladding is so strong, it exceeds the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s toughest specification (2605) for aluminum cladding.

Extruded Aluminum is about the thickness of a quarter. This type of cladding is structural because of how thick it is. Extruded aluminum is not likely to dent or to lose its shape when hit such as in a hail storm.

Roll-Form Aluminum is thin like a soda or pop can. This type of cladding wraps around the wood and is not structural. Roll-form cladding dents very easily which can cause the cladding to pull away from the wood and let water in.

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